Thursday, September 20, 2007

1, 2, 3, What Are We Fighting For? (In Iraq)

What exactly is left to win in Iraq? I heard on the radio this morning on my way to work that some Republicans are still hopeful that we can win in Iraq. Let’s step back a moment.

Almost five years ago Bush starts pushing the WMD (Weapons of Mass Destruction) issue in Iraq. The UN goes in and starts searching for the WMDs but can’t find them. In March we invade Iraq because Saddam Hussein refuses to give up his WMDs. Now we are in 2007, still haven’t found WMDs but we found Saddam and he is dead.

What is left to win at this point?

I somewhat agree that if we pull out now that we are leaving a country in shambles. But do they want us there fixing it for them? I have to believe that the Iraqis believe they would be better off without us. And I believe that our troops would be better off by coming home.

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