Saturday, May 31, 2008

Goodbye Miss Leslie

Yesterday when I picked Tootsie up from school there was a letter in his folder telling us that his teacher had turned in her resignation that morning and it had been her last day.  When I got there, she was already gone because she had worked the morning shift.  

Tootsie absolutely loved her.  He clung to her, talked about her at home, and just really trusted her.  And I really think she loved him too.  When Tootsie was doing something wrong Tayler and I would just have to say to him "What would Miss Leslie Say?" and he would immediately start behaving.  Tayler wanted to get him a bracelet that said WWMLS instead of WWJD.  

She was a real teacher.  I credit most of what Mason knows to Miss Leslie.  He knows his colors, number, sign language, and so much more because of her.  Even concepts like hot and cold, on and off he learned from her.  This year has been a great base for his future of learning.

One parent in the classroom, for whatever reason, did not like her.  She tried to get other parents to say they didn't like her.  She tried to band us together to have her replaced.  None of the other parents were interested so we figured it wouldn't happen.

Who knows what really went down yesterday.  All I know is that Monday morning when we are driving to school Tootsie will be looking forward to seeing Miss Leslie and he won't get to.  I am sure he will wonder where she went.  But will he ask us?  I don't know if he has the capacity for that yet.  And if he does, what do I say?  How do I explain it to a not yet two year old?  I may have to pull out the parenting books for this one!

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