Sunday, May 25, 2008


Tootsie's personality is starting to show more and more.  And he is a lot like me.

When I was little, I always preferred hanging out with the adults - or playing by myself - to playing with a group of other kids.  I never had a lot of friends the way my sister did.  I was happy at home with my barbies.  I always had a few close friends.  But I never really did well in big groups.

Tootsie is starting to show the same characteristics.  He has a great time hanging out with just me and Tayler, or his grandparents, or his aunt.  He has a blast just playing in his playroom or the car or the bath.  He is relaxed and smily.

But now twice he has been with a group of other kids and he didn't seem to enjoy it.  He cries, whines, and basically retreats to play alone.  Maybe this is still normal for his age.  Both times he was the youngest in the group.  But maybe he is just a little more like me than I realized.

I am not too worried about it - I think I ended up fine.  Except for one thing.  He spends five days a week at daycare.  Where he is forced to be with other kids.  I think I probably would have hated that as a kid.  I really hope he doesn't.  Because I can just see us sitting in a therapist's office in twenty years and him blaming me for his problems because I was a working mom and he was a daycare kid.

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Regina said...

I don't think Mason is suffering being in day care and playing with other children. It is probably a good thing...