Wednesday, October 1, 2008

This is you; Mason at 2

Dear Mason,

A few weeks ago, you became obsessed with Cat in the Hat.  We started reading it all the time and you memorized the book.  Then about two weeks ago we were in the car and we had our first real full-on conversation:

Me:   Do you like going to school at the JCC?
You: Yes!
Me: What is your favorite thing to do at school?
You: Sing songs.  Shabbat!
Me: Do you ever play puzzles at school?
You: Yes!  Room 6! (This is the room you go to at the end of the day.)
Me: Do you read books?
You: Yes!  Room C!
Me: What is your favorite book to read at school?
You: Sam-I-Am!  Miss Ayla reads that.
Me: You like Sam-I-Am?  You like Green Eggs and Ham?
You: Yes!

That night I pulled Green Eggs and Ham off your bookshelf for the first time.  We read it together.  It was obvious that you knew the book since you could fill in words already.  Since then we have read it almost every night.

For weeks I asked you what you want to be for Halloween.  Finally a couple of weeks ago I decided that you and Layla would be a chicken and an egg.  (Which came first, the chicken or the egg?)  Grammy went to a fabric store looking for costume patterns she could use to make the costumes.  Then the next night we were out to dinner with Grandma and Pops and I told you to tell Grandma what you were going to be for Halloween.  You looked at her and said "Cat in the Hat!"  So you made a choice and plans changed.  You will be Cat in the Hat and Layla will be Thing 1.

Our life is all about Dr. Seuss right now.  We read the books.  We have the stickers.  We talk in rhymes.  And you love it!

Today, since you had the day off from school, Grandma and Pops took you to Islands of Adventure to go to Seuss Landing.  You LOVED it!  Getting to meet Sam-I-Am was the best thing that could have happened to you in your little two year old life.

Mason - you are so fun right now - Daddy and I can't get over it.  We fight over who gets to wake you up in the morning and who gets to read to you and put you to bed.  If I am in a bad mood I know you will cheer me up.  You make me laugh and you make me realize how easy life should be.  I hope you are this fun forever!


Regina said...

Mason is beaming!!! What fun he must have had...

Harris said...

What a great picture!! He is sooo happy!