Monday, February 2, 2009

Living in a Catalogue

You know how the Pottery Barn Kids catalogue has adorable childrens' names attached to the items it sells? You might find the Sophia Blanket or the Kendall Lamp or maybe the Bryce Crib. I have started to realize that we kind of live like that.

Mason associates everything we have with who else has it. It all started with a particular blankie that a boy in his class also has. It became known as Leedor Blankie, and that is now it's official name.

Then we got Audrey Cup.

And Marek Jacket.

Maybe Mason should start sending in ideas to Pottery Barn....


amberorr said...

That is hilarious.. and oh soo true. I love that they recognize things, and place a friends name with it.

Harris said...

Too cute! I'm not sure that PB would be into the used items ;-) ha

Regina said...

Pottery Barn would pay big for Mason's ideas!!!!!