Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Tap Tap Hello? Is This Thing On?

So here I am. It has been two and a half months. I hope I never go that long again without blogging. I have no real excuse except maybe Twitter. I got on Twitter and it started to consume my life. So now I have stopped. And since I am no longer microblogging, I figured I would go back to regular old blogging. And so here I am.

What has been going on around here?

For one, Layla has proven she is the opposite of me and Mason in the daredevil category. I found her standing on top of a riding toy at my parents' house. She jumped in the pool and loves to be splashed in the face this past weekend. And she stole a shrimp off Mason's plate at Kobe last night. She wants to play with whatever toy Mason is currently playing with. She is just about walking - she took two single steps about two weeks ago.

It is funny - Mason IS me. He looks like me, acts like me, has my demeanor, my temper, my everything. Layla looks like Tayler - we pulled out pictures from when he was this age a few weeks ago and the similarities are striking. And I am thinking she has his temperment. And I am afraid because I have heard that payback can be a bitch!

Here are a few stories of Tayler's childhood I have heard:

When he first learned to walk he broke out of his crib. He didn't climb out of the crib - he actually broke two of the bars off and carried them in to his parents' bedroom. They had to get a new crib for Lander.

When he was a little boy he found leftover grout in the bathroom cabinet. He decided that the tile guy hadn't done such a good job and he regrouted the bathroom with q-tips and the grout he found.

He took two chocolate cakes out of the refrigerator and "ice skated" on them.

Oh no. What are we in for? Please be gentle to us little Layla - there is only so much we can take!


Tayler said...
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Tayler said...

You make my childhood events sound so bad.... I'm sure my parents had a good laugh about all of them. Thank you so much for sending me to the game tonight, not only did the Magic win, you also decided on what to do with the blog! I love you!

Harris said...

Watch out world, Here comes LT (Little Tayler)!

Regina said...

You will love everything they both do...

Rachel said...

Layla sounds like me!