Saturday, June 27, 2009

Going to Grammy's

One Friday evening Grammy and Papa were over playing before bedtime.  Grammy made the suggestion to Mason, "Maybe you should just come spend the night at my house."  Without skipping a beat Mason started running up the stairs screaming, "I've gotta get my suitcase!"  I love that he loves being with his grandparents so much.  Most kids his age favor their parents but he absolutely loves spending time with both sets of his grandparents.  Just recently we were going to bed one night and he said, "I love Grandma.  I need to call her and tell her."  So we got the phone so he could call her.  It was so sweet.  


Harris said...

That is awesome!!!

Regina said...

...and he can come to stay with us anytime he wants and Mom and Dad say okay!!!!! ...and we LOVE being with him!!!!!