Friday, June 26, 2009

MJ and Me

Michael played a major role in my childhood and in my musical ear development.

The first two albums I owned when I got my first record player were Thriller and Bad.

When I was six years old my mom took me all the way to Jacksonville to see the Jackson 5 Reunion Tour. And she made us our own gloves to wear at the concert. With sequins on them!

I had the Michael Jackson action figure that I used to play Barbies with. But he came complete with a red leather outfit, silver glove, and totally bendable knees (not like the bendable knees that Ken and Barbie had).

When I was seven or eight I had a recurring nightmare that Michael Jackson was trying to kill me. I couldn’t close my eyes at night for several days because all I would see is him coming after me. That kind of ended my love for him.

Last night I watched a clip from an old interview with Michael on ABC. I truly believe that something was seriously wrong with this man. I’m no psychologist, but my thought is that maybe he didn’t get a childhood because he was making music and so he has the mentality of a child now. I don’t believe that he molested children. I think that he invited them to sleep over like any 10 year old boy would do. The clip I watched was of him climbing a tree – and he was acting just like any little kid would at the prospect of climbing a tree. It was sad to watch.

Whatever the real story is, his music and his legend will live on. Michael you will be missed.


CookFamily said...

Love your glove. Hope you still have it. I agree with what you said, sad.

carol said...
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carol said...

Scott had the same MJ doll. I think it still might be around here somewhere!!

arika said...

Yup, I know that doll. I had the same one. My mom never throws anything away, so I'm sure it's at her house somewhere. I loved MJ as a kid too. I remember we would sit around and watch MTV, just waiting for Thriller to come on. Good stuff.

Harris said...

The glove is hilarious!!

Second Shift Mommy said...

I need to clarify - the glove in the picture is not MY actual glove. I have no idea where that glove is or if it even still exists. I found this glove on google. My glove was white with colored sequins.