Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Arriving at Disney

What does the sight of the Walt Disney World sign mean to you?
As a kid we went to Disney a lot. But then, a lot was maybe twice a year. We lived a 4 hour drive away. Passing under this sign would evoke cheers of "we're here!" in me and my sister. Tayler has a similar memory - except his family would drive through the night from New York to reach the gates.
When I moved to Orlando I realized that my kids would probably never have that same feeling when they saw the Disney sign. It would be so common for them that it wouldn't make them feel the magic that is Disney. The purple signs on property wouldn't seem so special.
But now, since I have been working at Disney for nearly two years and go there at least three times a week, I barely even notice the sign as I pass through. I am totally desensitized.
Until yesterday, when I was pulling off I-4 there was a bit of a traffic delay. Three cars were pulled over on the side of the road and all the occupants were milling around in the grass. I assumed there had been an accident, until I looked closer. They were posing and taking pictures in front of the Disney sign. They were feeling the magic that I once felt when we arrived at Disney.
I think next time we go to Disney with the kids, we may just pull over and take some pictures. I want my kids to have that special feeling about Disney that I always had as a kid!


Harris said...

I had that same feeling in San Francisco. I remember when I got my first internship there - I was so excited to be crossing the Bay Bridge to drive to work. By the time I had been living/working there for years - I too was desensitized.

CookFamily said...

I feel the magic. Everytime. Wait until you see it internationally. I almost cried when Savannah met 'French' Mickey.

Amber said...

Going to Disney on average of twice a month... Marek luckily continues to feel the magic of the welcoming sign. Mostly because we cheer and start singing
M-I-C-K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E Mickey Mouse, Mickey Mouse...etc etc..

I sure one day he'll lose excitement.. but I don't think I will.

Regina said...

I like the picture idea...and post them!!!! The magic is always at Disney! I need to plan an October trip...