Thursday, July 30, 2009

Welcome to Toddlerhood!

Look at that face to the right ----->

Could you ever imagine that this sweet, almost angelic looking face could be the same face that had her first temper tantrum this week?

The past few weeks I have realized that my baby! is growing! up! and she isn't! a baby! anymore! Sniff. Sniff.

It started with her birthday. I now have to say she is one when someone asks. She's officially not an infant.

Then she began walking everywhere. Crawling is SO last year. I mean, come on mom, the big kids all walk, you and Daddy walk, Mason walks.

And then we had the first official temper tantrum. We've had a few instances where Layla wants something and whines about it. (Usually it is food related.) But this time was supreme. She found a snack trap with soggy, sandy goldfish left over from the beach the day before. It was in the bottom of the beach bag that was on the kitchen floor. When she found it she took off running to eat them in private - so she wouldn't have to share with her brother. I took away the snack trap and put it on the counter by the sink to be washed. She stood up and tried with all her might to get it from the counter. So I put it in the sink and told her NO. She had just had dinner! And then it happened.

She sat on the floor and started screaming and laid her head down face first on the tile and beat her fists on the floor. And continued screaming all the way upstairs and through her entire bath.

Just for the record, I didn't give in and give her the goldfish. But when Tayler got home and I told him the story his response was "I'll be honest - I would have let her have the goldfish."


Harris said...

haha - oh, Layla! I think you are a Harris kid!

Tayler said...

It's official... Layla is me and Mason is you, wish us luck!!!

Regina said...

This is the best story...keep 'em coming!!! I would have gone to the pantry and given the little angel dry goldfish!!!! :-)