Monday, August 17, 2009

Let's Eat! Review

I recently got the urge to purchase meals from the meal prep place Let's Eat! I thought it might be the perfect solution for us. Normally, we are very limited in our weeknight meals. We all arrive home around 6:05 and we like to be eating dinner by 6:30. That includes walking into the house, playing with the kids while we prep dinner, etc. So most nights we have tacos or ravioli or spaghetti or some other pasta and meat dish or something else similarly easy.

Let's Eat! was going to give us more variety in our routine. I chose the option where you pay a little more money and they prepare the food for you. All I had to do was pick it up, it was already prepped and packaged with the cooking instructions on the outside of the package.

The first night we chose to have a mushroom and chicken pasta. It took less than 5 minutes to prepare, including setting the table. Tayler, Layla and I all loved it. Mason wouldn't touch it with a ten foot pole. And he is usually a very good eater.

The second night we had shrimp with pineapple and a curry sauce. We paired it with roasted corn and peppers. The shrimp took a long time to cook - almost 45 minutes. This was mostly our fault though because we didn't put it in the fridge to thaw the day before. Tayler absolutely LOVED the shrimp and took the leftovers for lunch the next day. I was ambivalent, it was a little spicy for me. Neither kid would touch it. The veggies were AWESOME. Again, neither kid touched them.

Tonight we tried our third meal. It was chicken cakes. Tayler made them in about five minutes; before the rest of us even got home. We paired it with the green beans almondine. We all loved the chicken cakes. We make something similar with tuna. Layla and I loved the green beans. The boys aren't into green beans. Only major complaint today - the servings weren't big enough. Tayler and I were both hungry afterwards. We did split all the meals so they are three servings instead of six, but we still each had one serving and the kids shared one. It still wasn't enough for us.

I am hoping the next several meals go better than these have - because if not? I will not be visiting Let's Eat! again.


Anonymous said...

It's more fun if you prep the meals yourself. I consider that my "me time" -- where I can get away from everyone, sip on some wine and enjoy prepping the meals -- but that's just me! Also if you prep yourself, you'll be certain that you're using all the ingredients (sometimes I'm not too trusting that others are doing it right) and you can also leave out the yucky stuff and control the salt, spices, etc. I agree that the portions are very small. They say "serves 4-6" but they usually only serve 3, in my opinion. Because usually me and hubby get one serving and hubby gets extras. But overall, I still enjoy them better than the other prep places. I think their meals are waaaaay more interesting than the other places.
--Koshii Eslinger

CHarris said...

:-( Too bad to hear the not-so-raving-review!!

Janel said...

I like prepping the meals myself. It's fun girl time to sip wine and chat while we assemble. Avery (she's 2.5) won't eat any of it, so I have to make her something special (as always). And yes, I think all of the portions are a little small, but my husband and I are piggies :)

amberorr said...

Wow!! Your meals are fancy!! Poor Kevin has gotten the short end of the stick when it comes to me coming home and cooking him meals like that. Way to go!