Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Layla is 2!

Dear Layla, Layla Bean, Lala, Beaner,

I can’t believe you are two! I have to remind myself daily that you are now older than Mason was when you were born. You are so big, yet still so little. So independent, yet so reliant. So loud, yet so shy. So frustrating, yet so lovable. In a sentence, you are a regular two year old.

Several of your tastes have become apparent this year. The first is shoes. You LOVE shoes. I might have something to do with that. I can’t stop buying shoes for you. They are just so adorable when they are so tiny and pink and sparkly. You love to wear Converse and tell everyone you are wearing “Boma’s (Grandma’s) Shoes”. You love to play in our closet trying on all of Daddy’s and my shoes. And you especially love your red sparkle Jessie boots.

You also love monkeys. You adopted a small red/brown/purple (our family disagrees on his color) monkey from your classroom named Manny. You br

ought him with you to the playground, snack, specials, and even Shabbat. He napped with you and even came home every weekend for a bath. And even though there is a big “F” on his tag stating he belongs in Room F, your teachers knew he belongs with you and let you take him when you moved to your new class. Now, Manny goes with you to school every day in your backpack. But besides Manny, we acquired many other monkeys. There is New Monkey and Mason’s Monkey. You love to read books with monkeys, especially Caps for Sale.

We sometimes call you Monkey, as in Monkey See, Monkey Do. You copy EVERYTHING Mason does. When he kept telling you not to copy because copying isn’t allowed, I told him that you just copy him because you love him so much. So now he’s okay with it. But it’s true. Anything he does, you do. Anywhere he goes, you go. The most rewarding thing about having the two of you so close together is being able to watch your relationship unfold. You really do love him, and he you. For the longest time you called him "May-mays" and then one day all of the sudden it became "Mason". That day you said his name about 100 times. I think you were so proud that you could finally say it right!

At your end of the year party at school your teachers passed out awards to the children. You got the “Mother Hen” award. And it’s true, you love to take care of others, clean up after them, and bring them an ice pop when they are hurt. You love all your baby dolls at home. You’ve been playing with a doll house for almost a year already – murmuring to yourself as you play, just like I used to. I love to watch you be a little mommy to these dolls.

A few months ago you decided that you were not going to sleep in the crib anymore. If we tried to put you in you would scream bloody murder “OUT! OUT!” So for a few nights you slept on a mattress on the floor. We had to put a baby gate at the door to your room to keep you from falling down the stairs (and from sneaking into Mason’s bed, which you did once). When you decide something, it is the law. No ifs, ands or buts.

Your strong-willed personality is all new territory for me and Daddy. Mason never went through the tantruming and daily battles that you put us through. But without this time, you wouldn’t be you. And our world wouldn't be so fun! I am sure that you will grow into a smart, strong, independent woman. But please, do it slowly – time is marching by too quickly already!


Tayler said...

I agree! I love you Layla Bean!

CHarris said...

So sweet!

Regina said...

She will love reading this when she grows up !

Regina said...

She will love reading this when she grows up !

Anonymous said...

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