Monday, March 12, 2007

Girl's Weekend

Every year, my mom, sister and I spend a weekend together in early March. We do it in March because that is our Grammy's (mom's mom) birthday. We were supposed to go to Savannah this year, but mom had pneumonia last week, so we went to her and stayed at a spa near her house this year. We got treatments, laid by the pool, ate a yummy dinner, and shopped. All girly stuff. It was similar to last year when we did almost the same thing at a resort in Orlando. Just one big difference. Now I am a Mommy too. And mom is a Grammy.

Last year, we were away the weekend before I found out that Tootsie was a boy. We even joked that if he was a girl, he would go with us to girl's weekend, but if he was a boy, he would stay home with his daddy. He stayed home with Daddy. I am lucky to have a husband who not only CAN take care of Tootsie for a weekend alone, but actually ENJOYS it. They had so much fun this weekend, and I saw the pictures to prove it.

I had a great weekend, but I am also looking forward to next weekend, when I get to hang out with my two guys.

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