Saturday, March 17, 2007

Regular Old Saturday

Today was one of the first regular Saturdays I can remember in a LONG time. We had nowhere specific to be and noone specific to see. It was kind of nice. Tayler stayed home and mowed. Mason and I went out and ran errands. I fed him lunch in the parking lot of Toys R Us. And he didn't even get messy!

Tonight he tried eggplant for the first time. He loved it. And then as a treat we gave him sweet potato puffs. It was SO cute. We couldn't believe that he knew how to chew. It must be inate? I guess I just imagined it would be something he would have to learn or at least get used to. But no, he chomped at the bit.

On Thursday Mason got sent home from school because he was sick. I was an hour and a half away from home working. It is times like these when I wish I could be home with him. But I know I need to be realistic. I am thinking about taking him out of daycare though and getting a nanny shared with someone else instead. It is just too hard when he is sick all the time and we need to come up with alternate care at a moment's notice. Friday he ended up at work with me for almost two hours. While it was fun and everyone enjoyed seeing him, I got NOTHING done during the time he was awake. He is good at playing on the floor, but if I am sitting right there he expects to be the center of attention. I guess my idea of eventually bringing him to work with me won't work out ever.

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