Monday, March 12, 2007


I am a socialist.

At least that is what I tell people. I would be a communist if I thought it would work. There is a quote that goes something like:

"If you aren't a socialist when you are young then you have no heart, and if you aren't a conservative when you get older then you have no brain."

I like this quote, but I also like to think that nothing would change my political views. I believe that rich people should pay more taxes than poor people. I believe in the welfare system, when it teaches people how to be self sufficient. I believe in the socialization of health care. I am anti-privatization of Social Security. I believe in raising income tax and lowering sales tax. I believe in free public education.

So obviously, I am against the plan to reform property taxes in Florida by doing away with them in favor of an increase in the state sales tax. Although I would benefit greatly from the prospect (to the tune of about $4,000 per year), I still feel it is wrong to force apartment dwellers to help pay taxes on the property that I chose to own.

My dad says I am nuts. What do you think?

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