Thursday, June 7, 2007

Trip Procedures

I was out of town last week for four days. Well more like three and a half since I missed my flight. (Yes, I missed my flight. Yes, I overslept. Yes, I am an idiot for not setting my alarm properly.) This is the longest I have been away since Tootsie was born. I was nervous about how Tayler would handle it. But he did better than I do. I think he is better at being a parent than I am. I came back and there were new procedures and rules to make the house run more smoothly. Like - we wash dishes immediately now, including the high chair tray. We put Tootsie in the rocking chair to start his bottle before we put his pajama pants on. We make the bottles for school the night before. We wake up and get ready to leave the house before Tootsie wakes up. (I still won't do that one!) He has figured out ways to make the house run more efficiently and I was nervous! That he wouldn't be able to handle it! Maybe I was nervous because I KNOW I probably couldn't have handled it. I would have had Rachel over helping me, and Penny and Barry too. I probably wouldn't have gotten to work any day before 10 am. But Tayler just made new routines, or adjusted them to make it work for him to be a single dad. It kind of scares me!

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Rachel said...

#1 you would have handled it well, what would i have done? watched you? i can't handle him well for 4 hours!!!!
#2 the new procedures have not taken effect...there were dishess in the sink yesterday when i got there! :-)