Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Stop Bittersweet

When my sister picked Tootsie up at daycare today she informed me that he now says the word "Stop" and he also knows the sign for it. Where did this come from? At school he tries to steal the other kids food and the teachers tell him to stop while signing to him. So he is learning things from school. Which is good, right? But I want to be the one teaching him things now. He has years ahead of him to learn things from teachers. Right now, he just needs his teachers for their caregiving, not really their teaching. I want to be there when he discovers something new. And I wasn't.

So we now have two words. Hello and Stop. I was asked several times today, "What about Mama and Dada?" To which I laughed. But really my heart broke a little each time I heard the question. Because it is really my question too. Why isn't he saying Mama and Dada? Why Stop and not Mommy? Is it because we only see him for a couple hours a day at best?

Tootsie is so close to walking it is unbelievable. We just watch him every second now waiting for it to happen. Today he took a step but fell on his way. But what are the chances that we will both be around when it does happen?

In other news, I got a promotion at work. I am now a Senior Engineer. Basically it is a promotion that just comes with getting a PE license. Of course, I am just seeing it now even though I have had the PE for a year. But I won't complain because it comes with a healthy raise. I have also taken on a second job. Does that make me a third shift mommy? I am teaching a class a few weekends a year to people preparing for the PE test. I am working now at night to learn the material I will have to teach. It is a type of engineering that I do not practice, so I have a lot of studying to do. But I really do enjoy it. Besides, it gives me something to do when Tootsie goes to bed.

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Rachel said...

Just remember, your first word was "duck" and mine was "NO". And we turned out OK. He doesn't say mommy and daddy because we don't say it to him constantly. He loves you so much, he probably can't wait until he can say your name! (and mine ;-))

sandy said...

jaime - guilt sucks. you are an awesome mom - you make it look effortless! as for what rachel said, what would be hilarious is if he said jaime and tayler before mommy and daddy!