Monday, August 6, 2007

Boston Horror

Last week I travelled for work. I don't do this too often, but when I do I usually only go for three days max. But this time it was the whole week. I started in Philadelphia and then went to Boston. Philadelphia was great. The hotel was nice, the property we were looking at had essentially no problems. The weather was beautiful.

Then we got to Boston. First, we got in an airport shuttle. The guy said he would take us directly to the hotel. What he failed to mention was that he would stop at every other terminal first and troll for more patrons. When we finally got to our hotel, I kind of wished I was back in the shuttle. I knew it would be a shithole. I booked it. I just didn't know how much of a shithole it would be. When I checked in I was given a twin room. Read: a twin bed. Read: because a full bed would not have fit in the room. It was this or a full bed on a smoking floor. I opted for the twin bed. As I walked down the hall to my room, I had trouble finding it. Maybe because it was within the fire escape stairwell. You had to go through the red EXIT door to get to my room. The bathroom had no door because while you are sitting on the pot one of your feet is not inside the room. There was a window air conditioner, but it was too high up for me to adjust the controls. And there was no chair to stand on. But I did have free internet.

I almost cried. I begged Martin to change hotels. I drank wine because I said that was the only way I was going back to the hotel to sleep. He finally agreed to let me and Nidia change the following night but said he would stay there. I didn't want to be the wimp!

Then we got to the property we were there to inspect. And there had been a previous STRUCTURAL FAILURE. Like for real. No one had been injured, but still. When you hear those words as a buyer, it usually isn't good. And then we noticed that scaffolding was holding up the pool. And that chunks of the exterior of the building were about to fall off. And they were concrete. And there were 60 non-compliance items on the handicap checklist. And there was more.

And now today, I find out that I may have to go back to quantify the exterior problems. Wednesday. As in in two days Wednesday. The only saving grace is that the hotel I stayed in has no availability. Wahoo!

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