Sunday, December 16, 2007

IKEA - I See Ya

Rachel, Mason and I braved the new IKEA this morning with Mike, Catriona and Reilly. I swore I wouldn't step foot in the store till after the new year because I don't do well in crowds. But it wasn't so bad. The store opened 32 days ago, so I guess the hype is slowing down. And it isn't really a real Christmas shopping type of store.

We started upstairs in the furniture stuff. This is a safe area because there isn't a lot of impulse buying when it comes to couches and wall units. Then we moved to the kids area, where I will admit to a few impulse (but reasonable) buys. I saw a really cute toddler bed but it was plastic and $150. So, I don't think so. I am pretty sure Mason will just move from the crib directly to the full bed anyway.

After the kids area was halftime (as Mike put it). We ate lunch - lingonberry juice, swedish meatballs and fries.

Then you head downstairs to the Marketplace - AKA danger zone. I had to think twice before I put each item in my bag. This was ten times worse than impulse shopping at Target. But I swear, I really have been thinking that I needed a garlic press.

And I ended the day only spending $27 - you can't beat that. Nor can you beat the $0.50 hot dogs on the way out the door. Yum!

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