Saturday, January 5, 2008

War of the Roses

Remember that movie? Where the husband and wife both loved the house so much that when they got divorced they devised an arrangement where they would both still live there but each would have their own part of the house? And then it ends with both of them dead after a fight and a fall down the stairs. I think I would have just given up the house in that situation.

Anyway, that was totally off subject.

My mom and I took Mason to Leu Gardens today. Grammy gave Mason a penny to throw in a fountain. But, the fountain was surrounded by rose bushes. Before she could help him get to the fountain, he took off into the rose bushes. The rose bushes won the battle. I will post a picture of it tomorrow. His stomach, arms, and leg are all scratched up. This is his first real injury!

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sandy said...

ok. i am going to be selfish here. i need more second shift mommy. especially now that there's a fresh bun in the oven. get to it, woman!