Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Strawberry Smoothie Just Isn't the Same

When you don't have alcohol in it. Tayler and I spent the day Saturday at the Ritz Spa (thanks Mom and Dad!). It was a fun day. We got massages, then had lunch and sat by the pool. I ordered a strawberry smoothie, since normally I would have a strawberry dacquiri. Is it possible that without the alcohol you don't even really taste the strawberries? It was bland. And boring.

I am missing alcohol a lot these days, which is weird since I have never been a big drinker. I would love a glass of wine every now and then though. Like tonight when I was out with friends and they had wine and I had iced tea. Oh well. It's worth it.

Speaking of, I made an appointment today for an ultrasound where we should be able to find out Flick's sex. It is on February 22, which would have been my grandfather's birthday. I figured it was a good way to celebrate.

Mason had his 18 month check up today. I can't believe how much he has grown. He is doing so many new things and says new words every day. He is 33" long and 27 pounds 11 ounces, putting him in the 75th percentile in both height and weight.

Speaking of Mason, he is really enjoying his new backyard. It is like having two playrooms - an indoor and an outdoor. We have all been spending a lot of time out there. It is so relaxing to sit on the deck and watch Mason play with all his toys. The videos we have been taking are great!

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