Sunday, March 2, 2008

Flick's First Pics

We had our Level II ultrasound on Friday February 22. Tayler and I were so excited to find out if Flick was a girl or a boy. After the hourlong sonogram, a radiologist came in the room and told us that something may be wrong with the baby. There were three markers that showed up that may indicate chromosome disorders. I was wishing I hadn't cared so much that she was girl and just that she was healthy. My doctor sent me for an amniocentesis. It was performed at a different diagnostic center, and the doctor there didn't agree with one of the three markers. My quad screen also came back in the meantime and was negative - good. We are still waiting for the amnio results, but we have been pretty much assured that everything is fine with Flick. It was a week from hell, and one we never want to repeat.

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Reilly said...

AWWWWW - I hadn't seen the pics. So cute!!!