Thursday, March 27, 2008

23 Weeks

We are about 16 weeks away from delivering Flick, maybe a little less depending on how she is growing. Because of the two vessel cord, we scored ourselves a high risk label and so now we go to the regular doctor and a high risk doctor. The high risk doctor does an ultrasound every four weeks to check her growth. She was measuring right on target when we were there yesterday and bonus! the cysts on her brain are gone. Her head seemed to be measuring a little small - maybe to make up for her brother's huge one? It was only off by less than a week, which is nothing to worry about.

We are working to get a room ready for her arrival. We decided that Mason will stay in his room and Flick will get the guest room. Originally we planned to move Mason, but decided it would be easier on him to stay in the room he has grown to know as his own.

I am starting to get huge, and most people aren't afraid to tell me! I can't believe how fast this pregnancy has gone compared to the first one. I guess I am not spending all my time waiting for baby, but playing with the one I already have instead!

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Harris said...

Poor Mason - he has a big head ;-