Monday, April 28, 2008

Flick Update

I realized I didn't update after our most recent ultrasound.  Flick is growing beautifully.  She is measuring right on target at 27 weeks and weighing in at 2 pounds.  She even has muscle tone.  The 4D images are starting to look even more like a real baby since she has some fat on her now. We could see on the sonogram that she was laying back with her arms behind her head, striking a pose.  She had her feet up by her mouth.

I also started to get a bunch of Explanation of Benefits paperwork from the insurance company for all the testing and high risk stuff.  So far, Flick has cost about $10,000.  Good thing we have insurance!  Every time we step foot in the high risk doctor's office, he bills $1830.  No wonder he has me coming back so regularly!

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