Monday, April 28, 2008


Suddenly, seemingly overnight, Tootsie has started to talk.  It has been happening for about three months now.  Every day he has a new word.  But just recently, he can sort of have conversations with us.  It is so weird how he has transformed from a baby to a real human being we can interact with.  Examples:

  • As we drive down Maitland Boulevard on the way to school, he points out "Aunt Rachel"'s house, the pool where he and Daddy go swimming, and then as we get closer he tells me about Leslie and Macu, his teachers.
  • When I pick him up in the afternoon, he points out other parents cars in the parking lot and then points to my car and says "Mommy car".
  • He asks to go outside to play with the Nemo sand (his sandbox is Nemo).
  • He yells out "Nemo" every time we pass Home Depot because he knows that is where his Nemo lamp at Grammy's house is from.
  • He talks about the food he is eating, mostly naming things correctly (although he did call his eggs pasta this morning)
  • He yells out "Grandma!" every time we pass her school or see a van that slightly resembles hers.
  • He insists on wearing his "sungasses" every time he leaves the house.  It was a big tragedy when they were missing for one day last week.
  • So much more that I am sure I am not remembering now!
This weekend we got a lot done in Flick's room.  Tayler painted the sample colors on the wall and we decided to go with the pink even though I thought I would hate it.  It is really a nice pink, not Pepto Bismolly at all.  We asked Tootsie which color he liked best and he pointed at the pink too!  Barry is going to start the painting this weekend.  

It is so weird that there will be a baby here in less than 12 weeks.  I am excited about meeting her and seeing Tootsie interact with her.  Late at night I lie awake wondering if we made a mistake by having them so close together, especially when I think about the added daycare expense that we can't afford.  Should we have given him more time with us alone?  Do they both, and we, deserve better/different?  But I know in the end, once she is born, I will know we made the right decision.

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Harris said...

You have made the right decision - you'll know that for sure in 12 short weeks!!!