Saturday, May 3, 2008

Baby Clothes

Last weekend I went through the seven bins of baby boy clothing I have kept over the last two years.  I sorted out what I would use again for a girl (Flick will be wearing a lot of blue) and saved a couple of special outfits of Tootsie's.  I am planning to sell/donate the rest.  Since we have decided that two kids is enough, we know we won't have use for the boys clothing again.

The clothes are neatly laid out in groups on my dining room table.  Every time I walk by, a different article of clothing catches my eye and a different memory is evoked.  It is unbelievable what memory joggers clothes can be.

There is the "Sidewalk Hog" long sleeve onesie.  That was the first outfit Tootsie wore when he was smiling in a picture.  It is hard to remember when he didn't smile.  Especially now that he has started saying "Cheese" when he sees a camera.

There is the Guess outfit in a size 18 months that I got as a shower gift.  I remember saying something to the effect of "I can't believe he will ever be this big" at the shower.  Now that outfit has been sitting in a box for six months because it is so small.

There is the long sleeve button down Polo shirt that Tootsie wore for his first Kol Nidre.  He didn't go to the service, but just over to Grandma's house.  And Daddy dressed to match that night.

There is the "On My Way to Florida" shirt that he wore on his first trip to Disney World.  We bought that shirt when we were in Gainesville for Rachel's graduation two years ago.

There are the outfits that we played "dress up" with - just to take cute pictures.

His first pair of jeans - the ones with the guitar on them.

The JM Originals one piece that he wore to bed and left stains on the arm from when he used to suck his arm to fall asleep.

The special outfit we bought him for his first Thanksgiving - that he was really too big to wear by then. 

It is hard to just give memories like these away.  But the garage isn't big enough for all the memories we will have with Tootsie and Flick.  I kept what I thought was important - the outfit he wore for his bris and my favorite plaid outfit that he outgrew way too fast as a baby.  The rest will just have to be embedded in our memory banks.

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Regina said...

I saved my favorite dress that you wore as a toddler plus I remember that I have a sweater...then I have your Bat Mitzvah suit!! True, there just isn't room for everything...