Thursday, May 22, 2008

Thumb Sucker

Yesterday was our latest ultrasound for Flick. She is growing very nicely - measuring right on target at 3 pounds 9 ounces. We got some great 4D shots this time. A good profile picture where her foot is up by her head, one where she is smiling for the camera, and another where she is sucking her thumb.

Is the thumb sucking an indication that she will be a thumb sucker? I think Tootsie may have become a thumb sucker if he hadn't found his blankie. I guess I can hope that Flick finds the blankie too. Blankies are wonderful - I know from experience.

I also had a regular doctor's appointment this week. He told me I have gained too much weight. He is right - I am already up 35 pounds which is the most you should gain through the entire pregnancy. He said I should try having a drink when I am hungry. Uh, yeah, I'll try that. Right AFTER I deliver this baby. After I had Tootsie I swore I would do it differently the second time around. That I would only gain a maximum of 30 pounds instead of the 43 I gained with him. I would eat right throughout the pregnancy. Then I got pregnant again. Isn't pregnancy kind of like a license to eat? That's the way I see it. People won't think I am weird if I want two items on the menu because, hey "She's pregnant!" It isn't strange to walk down Main Street in Disney World eating a hot dog and holding a candy apple in the other hand because, hey "She's pregnant!" These nine months are the only time in your life when you don't get judged for eating what you want. And I am one to take FULL advantage of that!

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Harris said...

So Cute! You'll love seeing that profile ultrasound after she is born and comparing how much it looks like her.

How exactly does she get her foot up to her head??? Hmmmm