Monday, May 19, 2008

Peter Cottontail

We are back from our trip to Disney.  It was great.  Apparently, the Polynesian resort used to be home to a bunny farm.  We saw so many bunnies.  Tootsie even thought Stitch was a bunny at the character breakfast!  Check Tootsie's blog for my first iMovie.  I think it is pretty good considering it was my first attempt.

We learned this weekend that Tootsie is too big for the pack n play.  We woke up Saturday morning to "Elbow hurt, elbow hurt!"  and Sunday morning to "Knee hurt, knee hurt!"

Friday night we went to the beach at the hotel and watched the electric light parade with the horrible music.  This is one of Tayler's favorite childhood memories.  Mason was kind of scared of it.

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Rachel said...

those damn bunnies were everywhere!