Saturday, July 19, 2008

Settling In

We are slowly getting used to life as a family of four.  Mason is an awesome big brother.  He is always concerned with where Layla is, wants to hold her, and helps feed her bottles.  We have been very lucky with Layla's sleep pattern and (knock on wood) have actually had to wake her for night time feedings.  That will probably change once she stops sleeping all the time in the next few days.  But so far, she is really a dream baby.

We have so many people here to help us and to meet Layla.  This morning I counted at one point and there were 11 people in the house.  Well, Tayler was actually outside mowing the lawn, so I guess there were ten people in the house.  It is great because Mason always has people to play with, I am able to relax, and Layla is always cared for.  Added bonus - our kitchen is always clean and anything we need from the grocery store magically appears, thanks to my mom. 

Last night Mike and Catriona brought Reilly over to meet Layla and brought us dinner.  She sang the Eric Clapton song to her and held her.  I made sure Mason got to hold her too (I am so worried about him being jealous).  At one point Reilly was in the living room with the adults and Mason came out of the playroom to get her.  He yelled "Reilly Harris!  Playroom!"  It was cute.

It will be interesting to see how it goes once everyone leaves and it is just the four of us.  I think we will do fine, based on how it went this morning.  Mason woke up around 8 and Tayler went up to get him.  When they came downstairs it was time for Layla to wake up and eat so I fed her in the playroom while Mason and Tayler played.  Then Layla played on her gymini while the rest of us played a band.  Layla got the hiccups so we named our band The Hiccups.  Then Mason said he was tired and wanted to take a nap.  So he, Layla, and I got into our bed and watched a little tv while Tayler did some laundry and straightened the house a little.  I can't wait till we can all go out and see how we do as a family of four outside the house.  I'm sure we will make it - other people do it every day.

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Harris said...

Mason really is a great big brother - and you guys are doing awesome!