Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Goldfish Revelations

For Mason's birthday my sister bought him a goldfish and tank with a filter.  An $8 goldfish.  Mason loves the fish and named it Dory.  It came with a two week warranty.  She gave it to him 17 days ago.  This morning when Tayler and Mason came downstairs I was informed that we needed to purchase Dory 2.  Apparently, Dory was "almost" gone.

So Layla and I made a trip to Pet Smart today where we bought Dory's (29 cent) replacement.  I was informed that this one didn't come with a warranty.

As I walked out of the store, fish in hand, I had a flashback.  When I was two I won a fish at a carnival that I named Allison.  Allison lived for seven years.  It had never dawned on me before that maybe my parents had pulled the same stunt I was now pulling on my two year old.

I called and asked both my parents.  They both claim Allison was never replaced.

My family was taking odds on whether Mason would realize it was a different Dory.  He didn't.


Schrack Attack said...

awww, cute story

arika said...

Funny. I also had 2 goldfish (Sally and Sam) who lived at my grandparents' house. For years. It wasn't until I was an adult that my grandfather told me he would go out and buy new fish each time I would come for a visit. I was in complete shock. It never dawned on me, either.