Monday, August 4, 2008

Typical Conversation with a Two Year Old

Me: What did you do at school today? (On a Monday.)
Mason: Shabbat!  (Only happens on Fridays.)

Me: Did you go swimming today? (On a Friday.)
Mason: Yes!  Little Pool.  (Only happens on Tuesdays and Thursday.)

Me: What was your favorite part of the birthday party today?  (The one where he refused to eat cake.)
Mason: The cake!

But then, sometimes, he really does get it.  Like last week.  On Tuesday Grandma brought over the new backpack and lunchbox she bought him for the new school year that starts next week.  We had this conversation on Wednesday:

Me: Do you remember that Grandma got you a new backpack and lunchbox?
Mason: Yeah.  (His answer to every yes or no question.)
Me: Do you remember what they look like?
Mason: Diasonor!!  (Dinosaur - which in fact, is really what the backpack and lunchbox look like.)

It was great when I was able to have conversations with him, even if they were almost always totally untrue.  But it is WAY cooler when we have conversations and I can tell he actually gets it.


Rachel said...

I agree....he actually todl me "tank u aun rahel, brown bear"

amberorr said...

We have had almost the exact conversation on numerous occasions. Too funny.