Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween Fridays

Friday Halloweens are something special.  You don't have to worry about work/school the next day so trick or treating and fun can go later than other years.  Tayler was upset about this year being a Friday.  He (a self described curmudgeon) says that means we will have trick or treaters later than usual.  For me, the date queen, it made me think back to when we had Friday Halloweens in the past.  I remember the last two - five years ago and 11 years ago.  My life has been totally different in all three situations.

11 years ago - I was a freshman in college.  I had an early morning flight to Detroit the following morning because my Ninny was dying.  I didn't celebrate Halloween.

Five years ago - I was about to get married.  Tayler and I celebrated by going to buy a new car.  The Honda Pilot that Tayler still drives.  And that's our new car.

This year - A mom with two kids.  I picked them up from daycare, made a stop at Chik Fila and then came home to dress up and go trick or treating and pass out candy.  I ended the night with a glass of wine.

It seems like my life is flying by - I am in a different place every few years.  It probably will start to slow down now.  I will be turning 30 this year.  I was asked the other day how I feel about that.  I feel pretty good.  If I look at what I did in my 20s I feel pretty accomplished.  I graduated from college, got my first job and my PE, bought two houses, got married, and had two kids.  That's quite a bit for ten years and I feel like I can be proud of it.  My goal for the next ten will probably be to not do quite so much.  I'm ready to settle down and enjoy my life instead of worrying about what's next all the time.

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