Thursday, November 6, 2008


Tonight we had a Jell-O theme going on.  First as we walked up the stairs for bath time, Mason pointed to the Jell-O stain that has been on the stairs for over a year (from the first time he ever ate Jell-O).  He said, "Daddy did that!"  We said, "No..."  He said, "Mommy!"  We said, "No..."  He said, "Layla did it!"  We said, "No..."  He said, "Who did that?"  Like he didn't know.  Even though he points to it almost every time he walks up the stairs and says, "Mason did that."

Then later after we finished reading I was laying in bed next to him.  He says, "Mommy has Jell-O on her neck.  I'll get it."  He then proceeded to try to pick my MOLE off my neck!  Talk about upping my mole self-consciousness!

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