Wednesday, November 12, 2008

First Ever Meme

Okay, so I've been tagged for the first time. I'm having trouble coming up with seven things. But the hardest part is figuring out how to link back to other blogs. Thanks Catriona.

7 Weird or Unusual Things about Me

1. I am a third (or fourth?) generation Floridian. Not too many of those around.

2. I have a really good memory when it comes to dates. I am kind of like a human calendar. If you tell me a date in the past, I can usually tell you what day of the week it was and what I did that day. When I am in a meeting and we discuss a date in the future, as everyone else pulls out their calendars to figure out the day of the week, I can figure it out in my head just as fast.

3. I have a small urethra. This means I pee a lot. Even weirder - I told Tayler about this on our first date. And he still married me.

4. I still have (and use) my blankie.

5. I love to watch Judge Judy and make fun of the people who go on the show. But then the other day, I tried to think of something I could someone for to go on the show. Would I make fun of myself?

6. I would win a 90210 trivia contest. I have seen every episode multiple times. I might win one for Full House too. And possibly Saved by the Bell.

7. I collected turtles as a kid. It started at my second birthday when my candle on my cake was a turtle. It blossomed from that into hundreds of turtles. I got turtles every year for my birthday and Hanukah. I even had a real turtle named Licorice. When I had graduated from college and living in Orlando my mom called me one day while I was working. (In fact, I remember exactly where I was - in a bathroom in a Lake Mary office building measuring the handicap stall to see if it met ADA requirements. It was May 2002. Refer back to #2.) She asked if I minded if she gave Licorice to the FedEx guy. Of course I said she could - I mean I had been living without this turtle for five years. Then when my parents moved in 2005 my mom tried to give me my whole turtle collection. I took a few that were sentimental but told her to give the rest away. I think she still has them in a box in the garage. I feel guilty for not wanting the turtles.

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Harris said...

Did you really just talk about your urethra??

arika said...

And sort of related to #2, you were also great at the Crossword puzzles in the Alligator. In fact, you got my husband hooked on them and he still marvels at how you could always answer every clue. Since I work at KU now, I bring him home the student newspaper everyday so he can do the crossword. And now they also have those Sudoku puzzles. I said to him the other night, "If these had been in the Alligator when you were in college, can you imagine how fast Jaime would have finished them." He just started cracking up and said that it would have been ridiculous! :)