Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Lucky Ones

As I sit in bed typing this, I listen to the melody of my children breathing through the monitors placed on either side of the bed.  It is the sweetest sound in the world.  

Tayler and I took a whirlwind trip to DC this weekend where we got to spend the night with Hunter, Fara, Marin and Riley and got to meet our good friends' new baby Cooper.  We had a great time playing with Marin and Riley and attended Cooper's bris this afternoon where Sandy read the most beautiful letter that she had written for him.  She should post it on her blog (hint, hint!).  

But the whole time we were gone, I kept thinking that we were missing the playing, laughing, reading, and fun that we usually have every weekend with our kids.  I was so excited when Penny and Barry said they would bring them home and put them to bed here tonight instead of keeping them again.  We got to go look at them even though they are sleeping, and we will get to see them in the morning.

I always knew I would love my kids because they are my kids.  But now that we are able to interact with Mason, I realize that he is really a great, funny person that I enjoy being with.  Tayler and I both can't wait till Layla is this age too.  Like Catriona posted tonight, the things they say at this age are SO FREAKING cute and funny.  At least twice a day I say to myself that I should write something down that is said.  I keep saying that it can't get better than two, but who knows, maybe it just keeps getting better as they get older.

I hope all parents are lucky enough to feel this way.

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amberorr said...

I honestly feel the exact same way with Marek. They truly are very funny. Marek always seems to talk to us in the third person, so everything comes out funny.

Mason is a funny little boy. Always saying something cute to us in class. :) Welcome back!