Monday, January 5, 2009

Long Time

There have been so many times in the past several weeks that I have said to myself "I've gotta blog about that!"  or "That would make a good blog post!"

But none of those things actually got me to the computer.  Until today.

It wasn't the picture of me that I meant to post wearing a harness and a head lamp ready for a night at Disney working.

It wasn't the topic of Mason and his new drum set we gave him for Hanukah.

It wasn't the awesome 5th anniversary Tayler and I celebrated with a night at a local hotel, massages, and a nice dinner.

And it wasn't the great interaction that Mason and Layla have been enjoying for the past several weeks.

It wasn't my New Years Resolution to wear make up and wash my face twice a day.

It wasn't that I got my ears repierced.

It wasn't about the new Wii Tayler and I got for Hanukah and our nightly bowling tournaments.

And it wasn't about the catastrophe I made in the kitchen when I made Butternut Squash for Layla's first non-cereal solid.

No, it was none of these.

It was this afternoon when I took off my shirt to change when I got home and I was wearing a new bra that wasn't beige (it was black).  And Mason started pointing and saying "What's that?  Oooh  Mommy - what IS that?"  Yeah, my two year old noticed my new bra and commented on it.  Maybe I need to stop taking my shirt off in front of him?


Rachel said...

OH MY GOD! that is so hilarious. when he was a baby I took him to old navy with me and when i took off my shirt he started SCREAMING!

Regina said...

that is so funny!!!!! he really does notice EVERYTHING, and he tells too...