Monday, January 12, 2009

Judge Judy

I have this crazy obsession with watching Judge Judy.  I TiVo two episodes a day and watch them when I get into bed at night.  It is my comic relief for the day each day.

I love to watch these people and the things for which they sue each other.  I love to see the clothes that they wear to court and evidently think is appropriate attire.  I love Judge Judy's nasty comebacks.  I love everything about it.

Maybe it lifts me up because my life is so much better than most of the lives of the people who appear on Judge Judy.  Maybe it isn't that deep.

All I know is that I hope they never stop making new episodes.


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Rock Chalk said...

Hi, I just read your post on the Sentinel Moms at Work blog. I knew by the fifth sentence that it was you. Anyway, I hope you and your family had a happy holiday. It's been awhile since I've read your blog. I need to stop by more often...the kids are getting big!