Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Potty Mouth

I guess there aren't many times when I am forced to take Mason into a public restroom with me. Usually we spend the weekends together as a family and if the need arises to pee, I can go alone and leave the kids with Tayler. Of course, this past weekend was different. Mason and I went to Atlanta together to visit my sister. This trip required several occasions where I was on the hunt for a handicap stall where I could take Mason with me.

First, when our flight landed in Atlanta we found a bathroom. As we were walking by the stalls Mason started yelling out "That person's peeing Mommy! I can hear them peeing. Do you hear them peeing Mommy?"

Another time when we were sharing a stall I had to hover (stoop, not sit) over the toilet because it wasn't the cleanest bathroom. Mason stood next to me shouting, "You have pee coming out of your butt Mommy!" Luckily that time there were only people we knew in the bathroom (my sister and her friend).

Then, when we were waiting in the airport to leave we had our last bathroom experience together. As I was wiping Mason screamed out, "Mommy you're taking a bow! Mommy, you're taking another bow!"

When will he be old enough to leave outside the stall so I can pee in peace?


arika said...

On Sunday, we took Nick to McDonald's for breakfast. I was sitting next to him in the booth. In between bites of pancake he announced in his loudest 2-year old voice, "Mommy tooted! Daddy, Mommy tooted! 'Scuse you!"

Harris said...

Oh yeah - 2 year olds are grand. I take Reilly to the bathroom a lot - and I get many of the same things you do. The other day she started looking under the next stall telling me the other person was peeing. She also likes to yell out when a toilet is "dirty"

susan said...

This made me smile. My son, when he was maybe 3, went to the bathroom with my mom. I hear him in there: "You don't have a dickie. Why don't you have a dickie?"

I'm hoping by age 10 we can pee alone. Not holding my breath.

Susan Payton
Sometimes Parenting Sucks

amberorr said...

This is too funny. And so are all the comments.. They all crack me up. When Marek heads into the stall with me.. he always reminds me not to touch anything, because everything is really, really dirty. I have to laugh and cry.. because my OCD has already scarred him.