Thursday, June 4, 2009

Farm Stores

Does anyone know what happened to Farm Stores? It was a drive thru convenience store that we used to go to as a kid. Are they gone? Is it just a South Florida thing?

As a kid I never realized the true gem that they were. But now? With two kids in car seats? Who want to ride in that damn rocketship EVERY SINGLE TIME we walk through the door at Publix and who whine when you say no? (Thanks mom!) I would probably pay double for the convenience of a Farm Store.

I remember going there a lot as a kid - what were we buying? I have no idea. Maybe cigarettes? It was behind the Publix, but you DIDN'T HAVE TO GET OUT OF THE CAR. Hell I would probably pay double and drive twice as far!

Someone - go open a Farm Store for me! Preferably in the Altamonte area. Thanks.


CookFamily said...

I remember a drive thru in LA, Pink Dot I think. Good stuff.

Regina said...

In Santa Clarita we have "Ardens" which is just like he old Farm Stores in So. Florida just a little bigger.