Wednesday, June 3, 2009

System Failure

Last week when I renewed my devotion to this blog I told myself I would post at least 5 times per week - once each week day. It's been six days since I have posted. I feel guilty. It doesn't help when Tayler asks every day if I posted yet. Because usually the answer is NO.

Yesterday was a different day in our house. Tayler had to be at work at 8 am. Which means I had to get the kids ready and to school by myself. I failed miserably.

I should start by saying that Layla recently decided that sleeping through the night isn't for her. She was up twice in the middle of the night on both Sunday and Monday nights. Both times she screamed until someone came in and sat in her room with her. I know this is a bad habit to get into. It's hard to convince myself of that at 1:30 in the morning. And then again at 4.

I was exhausted when the alarm went off yesterday. I hit snooze. Several times. Like until 8:20. When I finally dragged myself out of bed I went upstairs to get the kids.

Mason was already awake. I let him pick out his clothes. He chose a shirt that he usually wears to sleep in. It was a gray shirt. What color shorts do you wear with gray? Not khaki. Not jean shorts - he's getting a little old to wear those. I chose gray shorts. So he was very gray yesterday and didn't really match that well. I couldn't find his hairbrush so he went to school with party hair.

Then we woke Layla. She wore a cute outfit, only because I picked it out the night before. But her hair didn't get brushed, she wore no barette, and her teeth didn't get brushed.

We got to school at 9:50. Mason missed his swim lesson that I totally forgot about scheduling for 9 am. Oops.

I was also reprimanded by his teacher for not bringing him a cup for water or sunscreen for when they play outside.

I arrived at work at 10:24.

So basically, I am the typical dad in the family.

A few weeks ago Reilly and Brooke were both wearing navy blue sports t-shirts. Catriona said that she didn't complain because Mike actually woke up early and got them ready, something she usually does. She said she usually gets up, showers, gets ready, then wakes Mike who gets himself ready while she gets the girls ready. I said it's the opposite in our house. Tayler gets up and showers, then wakes me and we do the kids together. And my day yesterday kind of proves that.

Maybe I should start keeping brushes all over the house so I can always find one?

On a totally different topic - we bought Layla her first pair of shoes. They are totally girl and so freaking cute!


Tayler said...

What do you mean "too old for jean shorts"?. I thought jean shorts ended in high school! Guess I made a boo boo, since I got Mason and Layla ready by myself today, he wore jean shorts and his Beatles shirt. What would you wear with a beige shirt that doesn't have navy? He still wore his converse. Did you get the title of the blog from Everyone Loves Raymond the other night? Keep up the posts, i'll stop asking if you posted yet!

Harris said...

Very funny! Good to live the other side once in awhile. I think I am inspired to hit snooze!

amberorr said...

Hilarious... I totally get completely thrown off when I have to do everything by myself. I have a hard enough time getting one ready, and you have two.. so don't beat yourself up over it.

I'm definitely the one that gets up first... and always the last one out the door. I do all the dressing for Marek.. but he pretty easy... he usually doesn't care what I throw on him.

Grey shirt... looks good with jean shorts or jeans.. or navy..