Monday, June 22, 2009


Sign that I may take too many work calls when I am at home:

Mason brought me a phone tonight and told me that Paul was on the phone for me. (Paul and I work together on Disney projects.)

Sign that my kid is totally backwards:

He knew brown and pink before red, yellow, and blue. He knew stars, hearts, and moons before circles and squares. And now that we are working on letters, today I asked him to tell me a letter he knows on a board at school. He pointed to the ampersand and said "I know that letter!" When I asked him what it is, he said "the letter from Barnes & Noble". Hopefully the 26 real letters will come soon.


gorillabuns said...

my daughter knows TLC because she watches too much Jon and Kate plus 8.

Actually reading a book? Failure.

Harris said...

That is hilarious!!

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