Monday, June 15, 2009

Sleeping Patterns

Something happened this weekend that Tayler and I have been waiting for as parents since the day Mason was born. Remember when you used to jump into your parents' bed on a Saturday morning, snuggle and watch cartoons? We couldn't wait to do that with our kids. Mason started sleeping in a regular full size bed three months before his second birthday. He was young to be taken out of a crib, but he was evicted by Layla who was about to be born. We put railings up around the bed to make it more secure in case he rolled around a lot. But the kid never got out of the bed. In the morning he would just play in his bed, read books, fall back asleep, or if he needed something he would call through the monitor for us to bring it up.

That all changed on Saturday. I woke up to him staring me in the face at 7:45 am. (I know that isn't really early, but it is for him. He usually sleeps until at least 9 on weekends.) I asked if he wanted to climb in bed and watch tv and he said "Yes! I'll be right back!" He walked back into the living room to gather his pillow and blankie (that he had already brought downstairs with him) and climbed into bed with us. He did the same thing Sunday and then again today.

The weird thing is, no one ever told him to do this. How did he come up with the idea of bringing his pillow downstairs? Why couldn't he just share our pillows? And why couldn't he do it a little later? For now, I won't wonder. I'll just enjoy the snuggle time before he gets too old and doesn't want me to touch him anymore.

On the other side of the spectrum when it comes to sleep we have Layla. She isn't a horrible sleeper, but as I was told yesterday - our honeymoon may be over. She wakes up in the middle of the night several times a week. If we ignore her (which we tried, figuring she would put herself back to sleep) she gets so upset she throws up. Her sheet had to be changed three times on Friday night and once last night. If we feed her she is happy, but that is a bad habit to start at 11 months old. We know she doesn't really need to eat. So we don't really know what to do. Suggestions would be appreciated!

And then there is the getting her to go to sleep at the beginning of the night. Last Sunday and yesterday she DID NOT WANT TO GO TO SLEEP WAH! She was unhappy unless she was on the floor playing. We ended up letting her crawl around downstairs while Tayler watched the basketball game and I cleaned the kitchen. We tried putting her in the crib several times between 8 and 10 and she would have none of it. (Note: the throw up last night was during one of this futile attempts.) Finally at 10 she conked out and went to sleep for the night. But we know she will be super tired today. What can I do to make her go to sleep and not scream and throw up in the process. We already have a steady routine - bath, book, bottle. I don't know that there is anything else to try. Maybe it's just a phase? Because her teeth are coming in or because she is getting ready to really walk? Whatever it is, I really hope it doesn't repeat itself.

I just need to have kids that sleep. If I don't get a solid nine hours of sleep I am too much of a bitch to deal with.

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Harris said...

I remember hearing something about sleeping changes before big developments - like walking! I'm sure its a phase. If not, send her to our house - we are usually up ;-)