Sunday, April 29, 2007

Daycare vs. ?

Wednesday afternoon, my sister picked up Tootsie from daycare. When she got there he was happily playing in an exersaucer, but she was informed that he had puked up his lunch. She was made to sign a form saying that he was sent home for vomiting and that he would not be allowed back in for 24 hours. But then two different people told her that with a doctor's note, he could return the next day. Tootsie was totally fine, he just throws up a lot.

Thursday morning I took him to the doctor. They were laughing saying they had never heard of a baby being sent home for throwing up one time with no other symptoms. They gave me my note and I was on my way.

When I got to the daycare, they told me that doctor's notes are not their policy and that he couldn't stay. I spoke with the owner and the director and they ended up giving me permission to leave him. When I walked into the room, the teachers were treating him like the plague. One made a comment that I took to be rude, although I was informed later that it was not directed to me. I got very upset and ended up leaving with Tootsie. I cried the whole day. The comment made me feel like this woman thought I was a bad mother. And so I cried.

The thing is, I really like working. And I really felt good about leaving Tootsie with these people every day. I think that they really care about him and take good care of him. But at the same time, I feel guilty. Because even though I have to work, I really choose to work. I don't think I could stay home. I love working. And for that I feel guilty.

We had a meeting at the school on Friday morning after I had time to settle down. Everything seemed like it was going to be fine. Then at 2:30 I got a call to pick up Tootsie because he had thrown up again. Luckily Tayler was on his way there anyway because we were heading out of town.

We think he has acid reflux. Not anything contagious, but something that makes you vomit often. If he continues to puke every time he is there, he will be sent home and forced to stay out the following day. So we would be paying $230 a week for less than half time care. Which is ridiculous. Our alternative is to find another daycare. But we have already been down that road to no avail.

What solution is there? To work from home when I have to and not be able to finish all my work until after he goes to bed because I am tending to him? That is not really fair to my clients and coworkers since we are REALLY busy right now. What else can I do?

I guess just live with the guilt from both sides because I can't give my all to either.

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