Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Rex 84

Has anyone ever heard of Rex 84? I just learned about this yesterday because I saw a reference in Post Secret (check it out - www.postsecret.com) and googled it.

So anyway, back to Rex 84. It stands for Readiness Exercise 1984. Apparently, there is an underground secret internment camp system in the United States. It was first brought to the public's eye during the Iran Contra hearings and then again in a Miami Herald article in 1987. The camps are located in all 50 states with the largest in Fairbanks, Alaska with the ability to hold 2 million people. The purpose of the camps is to be able to detain large numbers of American citizens in a time of massive civil unrest or national emergency (according to Wikipedia).

Scary, huh?

Truth or urban legend?

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Regina said...

I bet Stephen Weschler knows about this...